Beau's Bells

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Bells that work

The loudest, clearest, most durable handmade bells available. Or your money back.

Is your feline a serial killer?

Your Little Hunter

Thousands of customers have proven that Beau's Bells significantly reduce the number of wildlife fatalities caused by cats by warning birds and other wildlife of the presence of your cat even if it can't be seen.

Have you got a rambunctious pup?

Your Fluffy Rascal

These loud, collar bells will help you keep tabs on your companion with the help of a minimum-motion clapper that rings at the slightest movement.

Does your dog run off after sights & smells?

Your Loyal Friend

Dogs (and cats) have an inborn instinct to hunt and chase. Even if you don't manage to train them out of this, with Beau's Bells, you'll be able to hear your pet when you cant see them, putting your mind at ease.

Unrivalled customer service.

Got an issue? We're always here to to solve it! After all, we're just a group of animal lovers trying to make the world a safer place for pets and wildlife alike.