A message From our founders

How we started

It all started with our own pets.

On our walks through nearby Epping Forest, our first chocolate and white border collie, Beau would catch a smell and run off silently in the pursuit of fallow deer. 5 minutes would go by, then 10, then 15....you can imagine how stressful that was (not only for us but also for the deer!). Then, when we got another BC, Casper, this one was even worse. He'd chase chase after deer, rabbits, cyclists and anything else that moved.

Then there was the growing issue with our cats. Especially one, a siamese/devon rex mix called Roo, who had an insatiable appetite for birds, mice and even squirrels.

As pet parents and animal lovers, we were at a loss. Do we keep our cats locked up and our dog leashed on walks to protect wildlife? Surely there had to be another option.

That's when we set out to find a solution for pet parents like us.

And so, we founded Beau’s Bells.

A pair of handmade, premium, copper bells that allow companion animals to live rich, fun, fulfilled lives and keep wildlife safe by letting them know when our cats and dogs are around.

We have worked hard to produce a pleasing sound that is loud, clear and crisp without overwhelming your pets. Beau's Bells help you track the whereabouts of your pets when they are out of sight from as far as 100ft away.

The bells can be used on cat and dog collars or harnesses as well as for puppy training, toilet training and helping blind dogs, cats and horses be safe.

We hope Beau's Bells help you as much as they have helped us and thousands of our customers.